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5 Tips to Keeping a Tidy Home with Pets

  • August 12, 2017
  • Fizzion

1. Manage Pet Hair
The amount of pet hair in your home is not only related to how many pets you parent, but also how meticulously you manage the shed. Dogs and cats shed fur, it’s a part of life, but a regular routine of grooming and home clean up can help you keep it in check.

In addition to a solid vacuuming routine, a pair of rubber gloves and a lint roller can make a world of difference in how you clean up pet hair from your floors and furniture. Create a clean up routine and schedule that meets the needs of your household. We find vacuuming and dusting at least once a week keeps the fur from flying.

2. Keep Paws Clean
The easiest way to keep dirty paws outside is to use a door mat at each doorway. Teach your dog to walk across the mat before entering your home. In addition to the door mat, keep a container of pet-suitable wet wipes on hand to quickly eliminate any dirt or debris your dog may bring in from outside.

3. Put Food in its Place
Prevent messes by keeping your pet’s food and water in a designated area. Using a place mat under the bowls can contain spills and make clean up a breeze.

Organize all of your pet supplies, including food, in one area of your home to help avoid clutter and waste.

4. Schedule Regular Grooming
Whether you do it yourself or use a professional, clean pets help make a clean home. Regular baths and necessary brushing can help remove the hair that would otherwise end in your home.

Find a brush or grooming tool that works best for your pets coat type and make time each week to use it. Not only will it keep your house cleaner, but it’s fantastic bonding time with your furry friend.

5. Stay on Top of Stains and odors
Always be prepared for accidents. Fizzion® is a powerful stain and odor remover that comes in a compact tablet form allowing you to conveniently store an effective stain remover at all times Plus it is completely non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. Just fill the spray bottle with warm water and add a Fizzion® tablet for the fastest and most powerful stain and odor remover anywhere. It works on old stains too!