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  • November 8, 2019
  • Fizzion Clean

Animal shelters provide a safe and secure space for many animals that are often abandoned and lost. For this reason, animal shelters are extremely important, because of them many cats and dogs are adopted by caring owners and taken to loving homes. Volunteering at any place means you have to provide your time, effort and help to make an impact and difference. This is a very fulfilling and rewarding act. Volunteering at the animal shelter is more than just walking dogs around and playing with cats. There are many more activities shelters need volunteers for such as, adoption programs, special events, meal preparation, financial work, office work and etc. Like any work, you need to have some knowledge about the work you will be doing. You always have to be prepared to deal with animals who need a bit more attention and care than the rest.

Find the Right Opportunity
Contact your local animal shelter and inquire about the facility. Find out about all important information like how many hours you’d need to commit or how many days every week you need to be present, the type of skills you should have, any specific experience they need from you, any specific volunteer programs that would take place, what kind of work involves animals and etc. Find out if the work aligns with your interest and schedule.

Applying as a Volunteer
Once you’ve inquired information about the shelter and the requirements needed, you can visit the shelter and see for yourself if it’s the right option for you. If you think it is, you can ask for an application to become a volunteer. When they hand out an application or ask you to fill it online, they’d most probably ask for an ID or birth certificate to verify identity. Go through your responsibilities once again and take up training as many shelters provide training sessions for volunteers. This will mentally prepare you for your expected tasks.

Now that you’re a volunteer, you can always find different ways to contribute your time and effort to help. Some creative ways to help would be:

Donate: If you’re unable to give time to the shelter physically, you can still donate money, toys or animal-care items. Shelters are always looking for new toys, beddings, essentials to take care of all the animals. Such donations make the shelter very happy. You can even offer to collect donations from your local neighborhood or friends and family.

Drive animals: You can volunteer to drive around animals for vet appointments or outdoor activities if you have good driving skills and a car.

Crochet: If you’re very skilled with sewing and crocheting, then you can definitely spend your time making new bedding, sweaters, gloves for the animals.

Social awareness: Posting engaging content on social media, posting new pictures, updating with upcoming campaigns and fundraisers is a very creative way of attracting new audiences. If you’re great at content writing and love being creative, then you can definitely volunteer to take responsibility for managing their social media handles.

These are just some ways you can always try to help the local animal shelter. As Fizzion believes in supporting organizations that help improve the lives of others, we are very proud of our association with Kitty Bungalow Shelter. Other than providing our products to keep the shelters nice and clean, we are so happy to have the opportunity to fund the TNR programs that will help cats find safe spaces.