Stain and Odor have no chance! Meet Fizzion®, our powerful collection of eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your whole home. Our products harness the stain and odor busting power of Fizzion® CO2 to keep your home looking great and smelling fresh. Use Fizzion® on your toughest stain and odor problems from urine, feces and blood to red wine. We are safe to use around children and animals and won’t harm any fabric or surface.
Experience the Fizz!


The Cat Daddy knows… “I am proud to finally be able to put my name behind a product that I know works, does not disguise odor but removes, lifts stains beautifully and best of all is absolutely safe for humans, animals and our environment.” Love, Light and Mojo Jackson Galaxy

Featured products

The Amazing Power of Co2

Natural Odor-Fighter

CO2 naturally breaks down odor-causing bacteria, eliminating them forever.

Safe for Home

It’s non-toxic, so it’s completely fine to use around children and pets.

Deeper Clean, Fewer Chemicals

Protein is the root of all pet and people stains, and since CO2 is a natural protein-buster, it has the unique ability to crack open stains, making them easier to clean without harsh chemicals.