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How It Works

Vital to life on earth, CO₂ is found in everything – from your favorite beverage to your fire extinguisher, your blood to the air you breathe. Fizzion® unleashes the natural power of this incredibly versatile molecule to eradicate troublesome stains and odors from your carpets, upholstery, clothing, and more.

So how does it work – and why is it perfect for cleaning up after pets and people? Simple: Fizzion® CO₂ is a bona fide protein-buster. And since protein is the root of all pet and people stains, Fizzion® offers a truly unique one-two punch: First, it pries open the proteins, then it unleashes safe-but-powerful surfactants (in other words, soap) that eliminates all evidence of even the toughest stain.

Just as important, Fizzion® is budget-friendly, non-toxic and completely fine for use around your kids and pets. So, you can feel good not only about your sparkling-clean house; you can feel good about how you got it!

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