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5 Chew Toys Your Dog Will Love

5 Chew Toys Your Dog Will Love
  • January 10, 2020
  • Fizzion Clean

When it comes to dogs, you cannot keep toys out of the reach of their sharp teeth. Hence, even hard toys get torn into shreds if your dog is aggressive when it comes to chewing. Plus, chew toys are important since they help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and offer them a mental stimulation. Thus, your dog’s natural need for chewing is also fulfilled, and not to mention it keeps them away from chewing on your belongings.

The ideal chew toy needs to have certain factors. For instance, durability in the material that they are made with. Hence, rubber and rope toys are probably the perfect match for your canine’s sharp teeth. Moreover, you should stay away from materials such as latex and majority of the plush toys and squeakers since your dog can easily tear through them. Plus, these materials can turn into choking hazards. Also, it is important to select toys that are compatible with the size of your dog. Therefore, you need to make sure that your dog’s chew toys are of the right kind.

Here is a list of the five chew toys that your dog is bound to fall in love with.

1. KONG Extreme Dog Toy
This dog toy is perfect for a pet who is a hyper athlete or just a chewer. This toy will hit all of the right sweet spots of your dog during playtime. Furthermore, it helps in cleaning the teeth and is ideal for playing fetch. Plus, it is treat-friendly and comes in five sizes starting from small to extra extra large. Adult dogs of each size and ability are the perfect candidates for this toy. The only downside of this toy is that it is not ideal for certain puppies and can be difficult to clean.

2. Nylabone FlexiChew Bone
This toy is perfect when it comes to the dental care of your pup or if your dog has certain chewing issues. Not only does it help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean, but it also relieves any tooth pain. Plus, it encourages improved chewing habits and comes in five different sizes starting from Petite to Wolf. This toy is beneficial for dogs that are in need of a lot more care when it comes to chewing and their dental care. The downside to this toy is that it is not ideal for dogs that are aggressive chewers. Plus, tiny pieces might break off from the bone.

3. Goughnuts – TuG Interactive Large Dog Toy
For a dog that loves tugging and pulling games, this toy is a wonderful addition to their playtime. It is strong enough and perfect when it comes to interactive play. Plus, this toy is specially built for bigger dogs. The downside to this toy is that it can be a bit expensive. Also, it is not really good for small to medium-sized pups.

4. Chuckit! Ultra Ball
This toy is not only durable; it is also easy on the pockets. This toy is the best outdoor companion your canine friend could have asked for. It is great for playing fetch with your dog. Plus, it is not difficult to clean and comes in five sizes that range from small all the way to extra extra large. Furthermore, the majority of dog breeds are suitable for playing with this toy. However, the downside of this toy is that due to the constant wear-and-tear, you might need to replace it a lot more often.

5. ZippyPaws – Sea Buddies Burrow
Even though this toy is a squeaker toy and is plushy; it is ideal for your dog if you are looking to improve the search skills of your pet. It is an interactive toy that is treat-friendly and a great puzzle game for your pup. Plus, it is easier to clean this toy and it comes in an adorable design. Also, it comes in a small size and large size and it is suitable for an adult dog. However, super big dogs or even puppies might not be suitable to play with this toy; hence this is its only downside.