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Potty Training 101: How to Get Your Dog to Go in One Spot

Potty Training 101: How to Get Your Dog to Go in One Spot
  • February 7, 2020
  • Fizzion Clean

Dogs are adorable, but let’s all admit it that when they relieve themselves whenever and wherever they want, it becomes a huge mess. Training them isn’t the difficult part. When you first get a dog, they are not always potty trained. Without being trained, it will probably go all over your shiny clean floors, your backyard, the sidewalk and many other possible places. It’s always nice to know your dog won’t pee anywhere or everywhere whenever it wants. Training your dog to go in one spot requires a lot of persistence. It’s not a pleasure looking at discolored furniture and brown colored grass because of dog pee. It’s not sanitary for the kids or parents to always look after the dog whenever it’s done with its business wherever it wants.

Luckily, training a dog isn’t that challenging. All you need is an exceptional level of dedication. When your dog is being potty trained, it can develop a certain preference or attachment to a certain place or surface. If you want your dog to be trained well, then supervision and a good treat is a must!

Pick a good spot first!

IF your dog thinks it’s okay to pee on all green grass, then chances are, picking a certain spot can be quite difficult but not impossible. All you have to do it introduce the dog to a certain spot, without letting them near their favorite part of the backyard or lawn. Your dog probably has some favorite corners or surfaces already. When choosing the spot, keep in mind the appropriate size of your dog. Small areas are perfect for small dogs. Big dogs will need bigger surfaces. If your dog has its own spot, then try making that spot the toilet area for the dog. Make sure the spot is always cleaned, doesn’t smell and is suitable for the dog and the people around you.

Teach these rules

Don’t let your dog out of your sight: There are no more unsupervised breaks for the dog. It’s the most important rule to potty training your dog. You cannot let your dog go anywhere without management and supervision.

On-leash all the time: Take your dog to the spot with a leash on. This will enable the dog to follow you to the designated area. Letting your dog run around freely means you cannot control where it relieves itself.

Wait with your dog: Stay in the designated spot until your dog relieves itself. You will ultimately reward your dog with treats when they pee. The best strategy is to simply stay and wait with your dog until it goes. Make it comfortable. Don’t hurry or force it.

Treat your dog: If your dog goes into the right area, you can offer it a treat and let it have some fun time off-leash. For some dogs, this will encourage them to pee in the chosen spot only and make them recognize the gesture. They are quick learners.

Use command

Train your dog to always go on command. Just say the word and take it to the spot. Treat your dog to a little something after it is done. This will allow the dog to have its own little routine. Once you figure out the pattern and certain behavior of your dog, you will be able to tell what the cue word or gesture might be that leads the dog to go into that certain place. Supervising and reading the dog’s body language will make the whole training a lot easier for you. Many dogs follow certain words or signs and then relieve themselves.