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Paw-some Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet!

Paw-some Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet!
  • December 20, 2019
  • Fizzion Clean

Shopping for gifts can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you have a big family. However, the most important reception of a holiday gift is your little furry friend. Or a big furry friend. Shopping for pets can be pretty hard. Mainly because they can’t speak and they cannot tell you what they want. Most people end up buying furry sweaters or luxury beds. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Today we have compiled a list of gorgeous gifts that your little pup is going to love! After all our fur babies deserve the best of both worlds!

Subscription boxes:

We all love receiving gifts. Especially if they are big boxes of goodies and are wrapped in gorgeous boxes. One such box that we know of is called BarkBox and it has yummy goodies for your pup and you. I’m sure you will love these. They come in two varieties.

1.Original BarkBox
2.Super Chewer BarkBox

The original BarkBox includes two amazing toys, two big bags of treats and one chew toy. It is customizable and is very reasonable. The super chewer bag includes two tough toys, two big bags of treats and two savory treats. This is also customizable. You can subscribe to either of the two boxes by logging on to their website and sign up for it. These boxes will make playtime even more fun and you get to enjoy a new theme every month!

Velvet pet stocking

Stockings are everyone’s favorite. Nothing says merry like gorgeous red velvet stockings. Children and elders, everyone loves it. Your dog is the same. I’m sure it would also love these stockings. At an extremely reasonable price of 30 dollars, you can get these beautiful stockings for your fur baby. Get them customized by adding a name!

Smart dog collars

Who does not love technology? The answer is no one. Everyone loves a tech-savvy gadget to which they are attached. The same is with your dog. Get your dog this high tech smart dog collar. And keep GPS activated on him at all times. You can now enjoy stress-free walks and stroll around the park with your pup!

Canvas Pet Tote

Are you tired of carrying your pup in your handbag? Upgrade with these plush canvas tote bags and travel in style. Take your dog everywhere with you and flaunt your baby. There are many reasons to love it. It is extremely easy to carry around. It won’t give a neck scratch as it comes with a soft scoop neck. It has a sturdy footpad that ensures maximum comfort for your fur friend. Also, it comes with treat pockets and leash holders. So you can carry everything in one bag!

Wooly snuffle mat

This gorgeous mat makes a great toy. Sprinkle the meat your dog’s favorite treat and watch them have the time of their lives. This unique puzzle mat will keep them engaged for hours on end. And will also challenge their natural behavior. It is washable, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene. This also serves as a good mental exercise for your dog. Which we all know is very important.

Dog brick treat puzzle

This is an amazing game, I tell you. You should most definitely not miss out on this one. This is a level 2 difficulty challenge for your baby. Fill up the boxes with treats and let your pup work its way through. It can hold a small treat. It will also help your dog relieve stress and control anxiety.

The dog umbrella

Are you stuck in rain and it is getting hard to fit your dog in your bag? Is it too sunny and your dog is squinting its way through? Well, worry no more and get your dog an umbrella. Now stroll in style!

Have a paw-some holiday season!