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Why Your Cat May Be Stressed

Why Your Cat May Be Stressed
  • February 21, 2020
  • Fizzion Clean

Stress can have a lot of negative effects on a human’s mental and physical health. Just like that, stress also negatively impacts a cat’s health as well. Just like it affects human relationships, it can also have an impact on relationships with other pets. Because of stress, you might notice a lot of changes in the behavior and physical condition of your cat. Cat owners soon learn many things that cats do when under stress.

Chronic stress is the number one issue that can cause health problems in your cat. You will notice sleeping patterns changing, aggressiveness increasing, behavior patterns shifting, energy levels decreasing, and loss of appetite increasing. These symptoms are common for cats that are under stress. There are several reasons and sources as to why your cat might be stressed out. It’s always important to remember that while cats always help us with our stress, it would always be healthy to check up on them and their behavior, as well as they, might be stressed too.

Many stress factors are involved which cause health issues in cats. As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to figure out the sources of stress. Cats aren’t fond of change. They don’t deal well with it. External sources of stress can be as followed:

Vet visits

Vet visits stress out cats a lot. Many cats go through anxiety during veterinary visits. Make sure you always calm your cat during such situations by putting a soft fleece on them and carrying them in a crate. This will make them feel much safer.

New animals or people

Cats react differently to new faces in the household. A sudden introduction of any pet or human can startle a cat. They might need time to adjust and they might feel less important. As a cat owner, you should understand the huge change your cat is facing. They need you to make them feel still as important. Handle them with patience and accept that they will be working on their relationship with new pets or people at their own pace. Don’t rush them.

New residence

Moving can be stressful for anyone. Cats are super sensitive to changes and surroundings. Constant changes can make your cat feel uncontrolled. They might feel under pressure to always keep up with changes and new things in the household. Your cat’s life will be as disrupted as yours. Which is why it’s important to make them feel comfortable during the move. Always keep your cat with its favorite toys, blanket, and food in another room while you unpack and start shifting. Having their own stuff in the house will make them feel more at home. Your cat should feel loved and cared for in the new house.

New routine

Changes in daily routines can cause disruptions. Plan ahead and take things slow while introducing anything new in your cat’s daily routine. Even if it’s as simple as getting them a new toy. Cats need to adjust at their own pace to certain things.

Seasonal changes

Your cat mood is also affected by temperature changes, seasons and environments. Changes in the weather, the temperature, the environment can greatly impact the cat’s mood and energy. A pleasant sunny day can reduce the stress levels of your cat. Anxiety and stress can greatly decrease if the weather is sunny and breezy. Letting your cat run around freely in lovely weather will make your cat feel energetic, positive and full of life. This is why weather is a huge stress factor involved when an animal or human feels a lot of pressure.