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Training with a Clicker

Training with a Clicker
  • April 24, 2020
  • Fizzion Clean

Clicker Training is an example of operant conditioning according to which animals learn to react in a manner that earns them a reward and helps them avoid punishment. Clicker Training is a method used to train dogs by using a distinctive sound or click indicating the dog that he/she has done something right. A clicker is used to make this sound. It is a small handheld device, when pressed, creates a unique sound like a click, whistle, a cluck of the tongue, a snap of the fingers, or even a word. They have been previously used to train marine animals, ex: dolphins or seals, and now are favored for positive dog training.

First of all, to teach your dog the meaning of a click, give him/her a treat immediately after clicking the clicker. This provides a dog with instantaneous feedback and strengthens the specific action, choice, or conduct it has just done. The dog soon identifies the sound with something good and responds quickly again in expectation of receiving a similar present.

Clicker Training and Benefits

Clicker training is the right choice for your dogs and has many benefits. To start with, it boosts your dog’s confidence as no harsh words, no punishments, only a click, and a treat. Second of all, it strengthens your bond and trust with your dog as using a clicker is more about communication than passing over commands.

One of the biggest joys of using a clicker is that your dog isn’t forced to respond to you but wants to. He/she will respond to your command without force or physical usage, as listening to you is what will get him/her a reward.

Clicker training is a very effective method as you won’t have to spend a lot of time teaching your dog numerous commands. Clicker training helps your dog to be creative and initiative as he/she isn’t scared to make mistakes and keeps trying to find new ways to get that click. Dogs are easy to handle, but some can give you a hard time. Clicker training even helps you train complex and precise behaviors. When you use clicker training your dog knows to react to the sound of a click no matter who is pressing is, this allows him/her to interact with other people without attacking anyone. This can also help to take care of him/her in scenarios when you are busy and can’t give it time. This training can be used no matter the environment you are living in, thus making it very convenient.

Clickers are used for training, especially on newly bought dogs, so they can adjust to the household and listen to the owners without causing harm. This doesn’t mean that they’ve to be always used, once you think that your dog is responding to your commands and has learned the whole concept of doing the right thing and receiving a reward, clickers can be removed. The clicker device is usually handheld, which makes it harder to use. However, if the clicker is put on a finger or worn attached to a bracelet around the wrist, it can be easier to operate while leaving hands at liberty to hold a leash. Dog clickers can be effortlessly found in any supermarket or pet store; they are used in practically every community in the United States. They can range from being 3$ and above, showing that they’re a very economical choice. Clicker training is a very productive and constructive method that should be given importance and resorted to.