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Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

Pet-Friendly Flooring Options
  • March 13, 2020
  • Fizzion Clean

Investing in the right type of flooring is essential for pet owners, mainly because pets tend to be rough on flooring, especially cats and dogs with their sharp nails and claws. Low-quality flooring can easily be ruined if you own a pet. Therefore, pet owners need to consider all options before purchasing flooring.

Let’s take a look at some pet-friendly flooring options:

Stones and Tiles
Stones and tiles are one of the best options for people who own pets, as they are easy to clean and stain and water-resistant as well. In case your new puppy has not been potty-trained yet, then no worries, because tiles and stones are very easy to clean and do not leave any stain as well. Moreover, this type of flooring is durable; even the long nails of your pet cannot harm the tiles and stones in any way. However, there is just one drawback of tiles and stones that they are not very comfortable for the pets as the surface is hard and usually cold. So, in order to make your pets comfortable, do get them a soft bed or warm blanket for the floor.

Cork Flooring
Cork is considered to be the best type of flooring for houses with pets. Cork flooring is microbial, soundproof, and scratch-resistant. However, it doesn’t mean that it will not scratch at all, therefore, do keep your pet’s nails trimmed to avoid scratch marks. Also, it is better to get cork flooring in a lighter color, so the scratches won’t show. Cork flooring looks like hardwood flooring and provides warmth and comfort to your pets.

Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring also gives a wood look to the floor. It is another great option for people who own pets. Bamboo flooring lasts long, resists stains and scratches. If your pet’s nails are not trimmed, worry not because those scratch marks will not show. Before deciding on bamboo flooring do your research thoroughly and go for good quality bamboo. Bamboo flooring is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Similarly, food spills or accidents by your pets also do not harm the floor in any way. Bamboo flooring is very cost-effective, therefore, a great flooring choice overall.

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring can imitate any type of flooring, from hardwood flooring or stone tiles. However, it is a very comfortable and budget-friendly flooring option for homes with pets. Vinyl flooring tends to stand against almost all sorts of challenges that come with pets, such as, it does not tear or scratch easily. Similarly, it is water-resistant so if there are any accidents or water spills, vinyl can easily withstand it. Some varieties of vinyl are also waterproof. Vinyl is very easy to maintain and clean so definitely a good choice for pet owners.

If you own a pet or are planning to get one, it is advisable to assess your flooring first. There are many flooring options that work better for homes that have pets. When you decide to own a pet, a lot of challenges come along and if not better equipped, you can be in deep trouble. Invest in pet-friendly floor once so you do not have to go through the trouble of spending heavy amount on maintaining or cleaning it. Consider each option thoroughly and go with the one that suits you and your pet’s needs the best.